Issue 3 released


The editors of Colloquium proudly announce the release of the third issue:


Table of Contents:

Section Language and Linguistics: Results

  • Dagmar Masár Machová, Petra Charvátová & Petra Bačuvčíková: Synthetic and Analytic Present and Past Verb Forms in English, German and Czech
  • Manuel Sedlaczek: On the Importance of History and Historicity in the (Socio-)Linguistic Reconstruction of Pidgins and Creoles: The Case of the Original Lingua Franca
  • Svjetlana Janković-Paus: Misunderstandings in Communication: Maxims of Conversation and Intercultural Differences between Interlocutors

Section Literature and Culture: Results

  • Zdravko Šolak: Cankar i Andrić – Osvrt na upotrebu poređenja i nekoliko odabranih izraza
  • Diana Radmann: Eine diskursanalytische Untersuchung am Beispiel medialer Geschlechterkonstruktionen