Virtuelle Räume als Ort des Lernens oder als Zufluchtsort vor der Realität?

(Medien)Pädagogische Implikationen von Online-Spielen

  • Sonja Gabriel KPH Vienna/Krems


The last years have shown an increase in (online) gaming. Especially during Covid-19 restrictions many players made use of games to stay in contact with others and to socialize. Although the concept of the third place was originally meant to address only real-life spaces, there are some characteristics of third places that can be projected onto virtual spaces and especially onto Massively Multiplayer Online Games as well. Another term being related to online games are affinity spaces – defined as online spaces where socializing as well as learning and exchanging knowledge take place. These affinity spaces are often found close to popular media – and also as communities around games. Although research has linked spending time in online games with negative psychological consequences for the players for some time, newer research shows also the positive outcomes on wellbeing when spending time in virtual worlds. As far as teaching and media literacy are involved, online games and virtual worlds should be regarded as places in which learning can take place.

Special Issue: Die Frage nach dem Wahren, Guten und Schönen in virtuellen Räumen