Dramatic agency und moralische Dilemmata

Literarisches Lernen mit Videospiel-Narrationen am Beispiel von Detroit: Become Human mit einem Schwerpunkt auf Identitätsfindung und Moralentwicklung

  • Stefan Emmersberger Universität Augsburg


It is a relatively new idea to include video game narratives in German lessons. The following article argues that this genuin digital media offers a specific potential for learning with literature. Because of dramatic agency the players can influence the story and experience kaleidoscopic storytelling. It is to be assumed that especially immersion, involvement and engagement are intensified. The focus is on finding identity and moral development and the example Detroit: Become Human (2018/19). The genre of the video game narrative is science fiction with the city Detroit in 2038 as the setting. Androids and AI are part of every day life and raise the question what it really means to be human.

Special Issue: Die Frage nach dem Wahren, Guten und Schönen in virtuellen Räumen