Joe Biden’s Conceptual Metaphors: Framing His Rhetoric and Staging His Political Personae

  • Kateryna Pilyarchuk University of Klagenfurt


This research focuses on Joe Biden’s political personae framed by means of conceptual metaphors. His acceptance speech (21 August, 2020), victory speech (8 November, 2020), and inaugural address (21 January, 2021) serve as the primary data for the study. The texts are analyzed qualitatively, and metaphors are manifested following the Pragglejaz method. While discussing Biden’s resultant persuasive strategies, themes, and staged identities, references are made to metaphorical (self)-presentations by his predecessor, Donald Trump. The findings demonstrate that while Biden was hardly seen as a perfect candidate, his alternative rhetoric, emotional bonding with the public, inclusion of people into decision-making, and carefully constructed metaphorical roles (e.g., constructor, warrior, healer, author, traveler) helped him gain victory