Bachmann und Wittgenstein

Versuch einer Annäherung

  • Volker Munz Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt


The following contribution focuses on Ingeborg Bachmann’s reception of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy, particularly the central theses of his famous Tractatus logico-philosophicus, published in 1922. Her two radio essays from 1953, Sagbares und Unsagbares – Die Philosophie Ludwig Wittgensteins, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Zu einem Kapitel der jüngsten Philosophiegeschichte show Bachmann’s deep understanding of essential aspects in Wittgenstein’s early philosophy. Bachmann was also responsible for the German publication of Wittgenstein’s Werkausgabe Band I, including the Tractatus and his second masterpiece Philosophical Investigations in 1960. On several occasions Bachmann mentions the influence Wittgenstein had on her. The text will focus on selected topics of his philosophy that also had a strong impact on Bachmann, such as his famous concept of the unsayable, the limits of language, or his understanding of the Western civilization and culture at his times.

Dichtung und Philosophie: Zum zeithistorischen Kontext der Dissertation und der Radioessays