Advertisements as Authentic Materials in Business English Class

  • Vesna Lazović Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad


Authentic materials frequently complement coursebooks since they increase learner motivation and provide a realistic context for tasks relating to learners’ needs. However, using language from natural texts instead of ready-made examples can be counterproductive if not appropriately adapted. For that reason, the ESP teacher must consider the learner’s knowledge of language when preparing tasks, as authentic materials often contain difficult language, unnecessary vocabulary items, and complex language structures. This paper, first, summarizes the main advantages of using such materials in teaching and then focuses on the use of bank advertisements in Business English classes. In order to be properly implemented, these advertisements need to be analyzed in terms of their most frequent features at different linguistic levels. This analysis can help both ESP teachers to relate language instruction to particular universal characteristics of the register and ESP students to acquire language more naturally. Finally, the paper includes several ideas for exercises focusing on different language skills aimed at intermediate and upper-intermediate students.

Didactics and Methodology: Results