Sprechaktreduktion bei delokutiver Derivation

  • Rosemarie Lühr Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


While the linguistic actions performed with speech acts are illocutions, delocutives describe speech acts. Through this change of part of speech, so to speak, a speech act reduction takes place. It is a special form of metonymy. Another speech act reduction with change of part of speech concerns the derivation of process and state designations. Common are event nominalizations with and without argument structure and result normalizations. The question that will be discussed is: under what conditions are delocutives included in the general vocabulary? Two factors are crucial: There must be a matching frame, and the delocutive must fit into a productive word formation type. The data comes from different language levels of German, but also from other languages, Greek and Old Indian. The investigation thus has a linguistic-historical and typological component.

Language and Linguistics: Results