Prednost izračunavanja razgovornih implikatura pred njihovim poništavanjem: argumentacijski pristup

  • Martina Blečić University of Rijeka


According to H. P. Grice, the two main features of conversational implicatures are their calculability and their cancellability. Here I present the idea that these two features are in conflict with each other. In the paper I link the calculability of implicatures with argumentation theory and rationality and distinguish between formal cancellability and communicational deniability. Then, in order to solve the conflict between calculability and deniability, I argue for the priority of calculability over cancellability. I defend this position by presenting the calculation of implicatures as the reconstruction of arguments. Consequently, the priority of their calculability over their cancellability, or more correctly, their deniability, should lead to new insights related to the communicational responsibility of the speaker for the content that competent hearers read from his or her utterance.

Language and Linguistics: Results