Pogled v svet besed: prepoznavanje raznojezičnosti v prvem triletju osnovne šole: vključevanje literarnih besedil za spodbujanje medkulturnega dialoga in usvajanje jezika

  • Tatjana Vučajnk Univerza v Celovcu
  • Polona Legvart Osnovna šola bratov Polančičev v Mariboru


In this paper, we present a bilateral project that focuses on the transfer of cultural content through literary texts in lessons for the acquisition of Slovene and German. Literary texts also include keywords of culture, and as such contribute to the motivation for acquiring neighbouring languages and intercultural dialogue. An additional motivational element is information and communication technology, suitable for primary school age and thus friendly to the mind of a pupil who through cross-curricular connections experiences the lessons of the neighbouring/foreign language in a pleasant and cognitively stimulating environment.